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Interview of M.E. Taylor Mosier by J.R. Charles Mosier

November 6, 2016

Feature Article

Captain Marion Earnest Taylor Mosier, U.S. Army Reserve, speaks about his experiences as a child–growing up, going to college, and being a member of the 82nd Airborne. Since he commissioned as an officer right after the Vietnam War ended, he never saw active combat. Born July 20, 1953, Taylor grew up in the midst of the Cold War in the somewhat rural town of Greenville, North Carolina. His family and ancestors had fought in every major U.S. conflict of the last 100 years except for the Mexican War. The military was in his blood.

A graduate of the Citadel, Taylor Mosier recounts his experiences and what he learned from the school. He talks about the anti-war movement and how it affected his decision to join the military. He discusses at length the people he’s admired, guiding principles that led him through his life, opportunities, special memories, his relationship with the farm where he grew up, and his time in the 82nd Airborne and afterward.

I’m proud to be his son.

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