The Military College of South Carolina
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Interview of Jack P. Brickman by Eric Donaldson

March 28, 2013

Portrait Feature Article Transcript

Mr. Jack Brickman was born to Sam Brickman and his wife on July 8, 1921. He grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, attending Courtenay Public School and the High School of Charleston before enrolling at the College of Charleston. He enlisted prior to the breakout of World War II and joined the U.S. Army’s 87th Airdrome Squadron based out of Savannah, Georgia. Upon deployment, he was moved with his unit to Hawaii; from there they were deployed to the Pacific. Second Lieutenant Brickman then took command of a small communications unit of eight men and conducted operations on Kwajalein Island. After the brief assignment, they moved to a main island of the atoll and conducted communications work for another ten months. After his operation was complete, Mr. Brickman was returned to Hawaii where he served out his remaining enlistment.

Upon returning to Charleston, he immediately married his fiancée, Fae. After a period of around two years, they moved to the University of Virginia, where Mr. Brickman attended law school. They then returned to Charleston, and Mr. Brickman maintains a law firm here to this day. In addition practicing law, Mr. Brickman is a key figure in Charleston real estate and investing. Together, Mr. and Mrs. Brickman have six children, all of whom have law degrees.

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