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Course Substitution Procedure

Course substitution(s) may be granted in foreign language and math with appropriate documentation of a disability, although they may not be an option for certain majors. The Assistant Director will evaluate the request(s) on a case-by-case basis. To request course substitutions for foreign language or math, please follow the procedures listed below.


1. Submit current documentation of a disability that supports course substitution(s).

2. Submit a request letter for substitutions that addresses the following:

  • Briefly, tell us about yourself.
    Include the number of years you have attended The Citadel or when you will be entering the College and your major. Also, if it was determined at an earlier age that you have a learning disability, please explain and attach documentation if available.
  • Explain why you are requesting course substitutions in foreign language or math.
  • Explain why it would be appropriate for you to take alternative courses.
    Describe experiences you have had in the past with the subject (high school and college level, if applicable) and what efforts have been made to try to remediate the problem (e.g., private tutoring, additional help from the instructor). High school grades reflecting difficulty with the subject would be appropriate to include.

Students requesting a course substitution after the class withdrawal date on the academic semester calendar will not be granted special withdrawal from the class in which they are registered. Course substitutions are not automatically granted based on poor performance in one class. Students need to follow recommendations of the modern language department to not skip semesters when taking a language and to seek assistance from available tutors and from their professors.

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