The Military College of South Carolina
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Conflict of Interest Policy

A. Scope: This statement of policy applies to each member of the Board of Visitors. It is intended not only to ensure compliance with the Rules of Conduct promulgated by the South Carolina General Assembly but also to set an example of commitment to ethics for all employees and representatives of The Citadel.

B. Fiduciary Responsibilities: Board members serve the public trust and have a clear obligation to fulfill their responsibilities in a manner consistent with this fact. All decisions of the Board are to be made solely on the basis of a desire to advance the best interests of the institution and the public good. The integrity of The Citadel must be protected at all times.

C. Discipline: Every Board member has the responsibility to ensure that the entire Board is made aware of situations that involve personal, familial, or business relationships that potentially could be construed to affect their independent, unbiased judgment in light of their decision-making authority and responsibility. Thus, the Board requires each member

  • to be familiar with the terms of this policy;
  • to disclose to the Board Chairman any possible personal, familial, or business relationships that reasonably might give rise to a conflict involving the college; and
  • to acknowledge by his or her signature that he or she is in accordance with the letter and spirit of this policy.

D. Restraint on Participation: The Board members who have declared a conflict of interest, or who have been found to have a conflict of interest, shall refrain from participating in consideration of proposed transactions unless the Board or administration requests information or interpretation for special reasons. Should a conflict of interest matter require an executive committee or Board vote to resolve, those concerned shall not be present at the time of the vote.

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