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Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

"Lead through Languages"

Depart Modern Lang Group Photo

Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures at The Citadel, where our faculty is dedicated to offer our young men and women knowledge of language and culture which is now a fundamental and essential tool on the road to leadership and success. Whichever career our graduates will follow an adequate level of fluency in a foreign language will be multi-folded. Our global community has constant growing needs for competent people able to express themselves in more than one language, which of course means brighter profiles at hiring times as well as greater financial earnings (click here for benefits). As a result, Citadel students are declaring language majors and minors in record numbers.

Our faculty in each respective section (Chinese, French, German and Spanish) earned a reputation for representing some of the Southeast's elite, many of whom reached international prominence and distinction in their fields. Our professors are all equally dedicated to offer a fresh and modern perspective on cross-cultural comparisons which will enrich our students' vision of the world. Their pedagogical expertise will enable cadets and graduate students alike to discover a new reality through linguistic differences. But our students remain the faculty's first focal point. The common goals of our professors and undergraduates are reflected in some of the following student accomplishments:

Our students have access to a wealth of language-related opportunities to complement and enhance their studies.

Our department offers three Citadel summer study abroad programs and the Goethe-Institut forlanguage immersion experiences in France, Germany, Mexico and Spain. Due to the generosity of the American Society of the French Legion of Honor, scholarships will be awarded to qualified French majors and minors participating in The Citadel's Summer Program in France. Additional summer scholarships are provided yearly by the German Studies Summer Stipend (established by The Citadel's German faculty), the Deutscher brüderlicher Bund Sommer-Stipendium (German), the Olmsed Cadet Travel and Cultural Immersion Program (for sophomore and/or junior contract cadets), and Citadel Summer Stipends. A Department of Defense grant has made available study abroad scholarships study abroad scholarships for ROTC-contract cadets who study Chinese. Our undergraduates also have a distinguished record in their admission into such prestigious semester-long programs as those at Wake Forest University (Salamanca, Spain), the University of Virginia (Valencia, Spain), and the Goethe-Institut (Germany).

During the academic year and for college credit, qualifying Spanish majors and minors may take advantage of local internships to gain practical experience with the Spanish language. Past internships have included the Medical University of South Carolina, real estate companies, elementary schools and local television.

Majors and minors who demonstrate excellence in their studies may earn membership in one or more of our three honor societies—Pi Delta Phi (French), Delta Phi Alpha (German) and Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish)—, ALL students may join our language clubs.

Our department also showcases our students' editorial and creative writing skills through our very own national, refereed journal El Cid (Spanish) and our campus publication Le Gaulois Litteraire (French).

On behalf of the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, we gladly invite all Citadel students to embark on a linguistic and cultural adventure which will translate into a remarkable benefit for their future profession.

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