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Position classification is a system of identifying and describing the various job functions in an organization and then grouping like positions together under common job titles or classification. The State of South Carolina’s Office of Human Resources provides us with broad specifications to determine where each position falls within the classification system based on the types of duties involved and the level of responsibility reflected in the position description. Each classification is assigned to a specific band.

These classifications are not to be used entirely to write position descriptions.  However, well defined job descriptions provide a standard for recruiting, promoting, and developing sound evaluation criteria.

Some positions might in the State service might not be subject to the position classification plan and are deemed Unclassified.


“Total Compensation” is the complete pay package that employees receive on an annual basis. This includes direct compensation, meaning pay, and indirect compensation, which includes benefits such as insurance, retirement contributions, disability, paid leave, and more. The College also offers many employee-paid voluntary benefits, such as vision insurance, supplemental life insurance, short term disability and supplemental retirement plan.

The Total Compensation Calculator provides a comprehensive view of everything included in your compensation – salary, benefits and retirement.  This total compensation estimator provides current and prospective employees with an illustrated breakdown of what their total compensation looks like with The Citadel.

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