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Barracks Deposit FAQ's

What is the purpose of the barracks deposit?

The barracks deposit is designed to assist The Citadel better forecast barracks capacity for the upcoming fall semester and to efficiently manage the company assignment process for incoming freshmen.

What is the barracks deposit and how is it applied?

A deposit of $300 is required for any returning cadet to secure housing for the fall. The $300 deposit will be applied toward the Fall 2020 bill.

How and when can I pay the barracks deposit?

The barracks deposit can be paid anytime between Feb 5 and March 6 on the Lesesne Gateway Student Tab or via the Treasurer’s Office. Credit card and debit payment options are also available through Lesesne Gateway. Paper checks will also be accepted in the Treasurer’s Office. Payments can also be paid using your One Card by sending an email request to .  You must include your CWID in the email.

For Step-by-step payment instructions, click here

When is the barracks deposit due?

The barracks deposit is due March 6, to secure housing for Fall 2020.


Is the barracks deposit refundable?

Yes. A 100% refund is available until June 1st. Refunds are requested by completing the discharge process. Students may complete the discharge form available in the Office of the Registrar or send an email to from their Citadel email account notifying the Office of the Registrar that they do not intend to return.

What happens if I do not submit a barracks deposit?

Students who do not submit a barracks deposit will not be guaranteed barracks bed space and will be subject to company and battalion transfers or assignment to temporary housing options. A combination of factors, including a paid barracks reservation deposit, class registration, and cleared balance will be used when making barracks assignments.

Cadets must complete three steps to be assured barracks space:
       Barracks Deposit                                         by March 6, 2020
       Cleared Balance (less than $500.00)         by March 30, 2020
       Fall Course Registration                              by April 30, 2020

Missing any of these deadlines will put Cadets on a waiting list for barracks assignment and does not guarantee the Citadel's ability to assign a barrack space for the Fall semester. It is very important not to miss any of the above deadlines.

Do full scholarship students need to pay the barracks deposit?

Cadets on full Citadel Academic or athletic Scholarship, full Pell Grant, and those international students with a government sponsored full scholarship must complete a waiver request by the deadline in lieu of the deposit.  The waivers are available in the Financial Aid office and with athletics and International Student Services (MSSIS) for their populations.  Cadets with financial concerns are encouraged to reach out the Office of Financial Aid to talk through their situation.





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