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Graduation Application

CWID (*)

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The name printed in the spring commencement ceremony and program will display your legal name on file with The Citadel.

It is your responsibility to verify your legal name on your unofficial transcript in Lesesne Gateway. Please contact if you need to change your legal name.

First Name: (*)

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Middle Name:

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Last Name: (*)

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Degree or Certificate Completion:

All graduation or certificate requirements must be completed by the last day of the term. A fee of $50 for degree completion or $25 for certificate completion will be posted to your student account. If requirements are not met by the last day of the term, you must reapply and pay the fee again. Participation in the spring commencement ceremony is optional for graduate and evening undergraduate students completing fall, spring, and summer terms.

I understand that if I apply for graduation or certificate completion and do not successfully complete requirements within my term of completion, I am responsible for reapplying and paying another $50 graduation fee. (*)

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I understand that all information pertaining to graduation and commencement exercises is available on The Citadel Graduate College’s website under the graduation link. Additional announcements will be emailed to the address provided on the application (personal and Citadel). I agree to check this email on a regular basis for important updates. (*)

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Term expected to complete requirements: (*)

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Degree Seeking Students ONLY:

Do you wish to participate in the spring commencement ceremony (degree recipients only)? (*)

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I understand that I must order regalia with The Citadel Bookstore/Barnes & Noble by their deadline date if I am participating in the spring commencement ceremony. Information will be communicated via email and is available on the bookstore and CGC graduation information web pages. (*)

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Are you a legacy of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets (SCCC) or Citadel Graduate College (CGC)?

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If yes, please identify relationship:

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If you have selected yes, please provide:

Full Name with Official Title, Mailing Address, Email Address, and Date of Graduation

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If you stated "Other relationship" to the previous question, identify relationship below.

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All Citadel Students:

Please read the following yes/no statements carefully. By initialing at the end, you signify that you agree and understand the statements.

I have filled out all transfer credit paperwork and substitution forms with my department to ensure that the coursework is reflected on my transcript. (*)

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I understand that additional requirements including, but not limited to official Praxis scores, comprehensive exams, thesis grades, incomplete grades, transfer credit, and treasurer bills must be resolved before my graduation application can be processed. (*)

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Provide additional comments or questions below (optional):

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