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The Military College of South Carolina
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Work Programs

The Federal Work Study Program

This federally funded program provides part-time employment for degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students who can demonstrate financial need. Students who are interested in a work study position must complete a FAFSA at They should contact the financial aid office to be certain their FAFSA is on file and that there aren't any issues to be resolved. The financial aid office determines eligibility based on the student's FAFSA and then awards an amount that can be earned, usually over two semesters.

How many hours can students work each week?

Cadets are allowed to work up to 10 hrs/week, other undergraduate students (fifth yr, veteran and evening students) are allowed to work up to 15 hrs/week, and graduate students are allowed to work up to 20 hrs/week. However, when not taking classes (i.e. fall and spring break and during the summer), undergraduate students may work up to 20 hrs/week and graduate students up to 25 hrs/week. Students should not be scheduled to work during their class time, ESP, and any other training periods. Once hired, students report directly to their work supervisor.

If you are interested in this work program, please file your FAFSA and contact the Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility before applying for work study jobs on campus. For more information, contact Financial Aid or Human Resources.

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